My Favorite App

I've never been a big magazine reader.  I recently had subscriptions to Better Homes and Gardens and Family Circle.  I like them, but not enough to renew my subscription.  There is one stand out magazine though.

National Geographic.

That iconic yellow framed magazine.  The unmatched quality of phenomenal images.  Great stories, important subjects.

I love this magazine.

Then I got an iPad and discovered...  There's an app for that!!!

{screen capture from my iPad - May 2012 issue}

The issues are downloadable every month to the Newsstand.  As long as you are a print subscriber, the issues are available for free.  I have an iPad 2 and the images are beautiful.  I can only imagine how stunning they must look on the new Retina display.

{screen capture from my iPad - May 2012 issue}
The real bonus of having access via the iPad are the extras that are available.  For example, the April 2012 issue was about the Titanic.  There are several interactive sections where you can view images in 3D, move them around, zoom and pan.  It's amazing!

{screen capture from my iPad - April 2012 issue}
There are even videos in some sections.  They tell a backstory or just give information about what that specific article is about.

I noticed on there are several bad reviews of the app on iTunes.  They are based on purchasing the magazine only through app (no print version).  It seems there is some type of glitch where people are paying for a 12 month subscription and only getting a few months before being prompted to buy individual issues.  I haven't had any problems with downloading current issues. *knock on wood*  However, I have been a print subscriber for YEARS and I wasn't able to download all of the available issues.  The app is indicating that in order for me to view them on the iPad I would have to purchase them.  This is only for older issues though and hasn't been a problem with current ones.

I still love this app and the magazine.

{screen capture on my iPad - May 2012 issue}

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