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{Advance warning - This is a post about sanitary napkins or pads or whatever you want to call them and I WILL be talking about my period.  Just thought I'd give y'all a heads up!}

I was contacted back in March about giving Empower Pads a try.  I was lucky enough to not have a need for them yet as my period had not yet returned since giving birth to Rowan back in July of 2011.  I replied, let them know the details, and said I'd be happy to try their product as soon as I could.

To my surprise, I not only received an encouraging email, but I also received a whole box full of samples!  Three packages of Ultra-Thin Pantiliners (20 ct.), three Ultra-Thin Day Pads (10 ct.), and three Ultra-Thin Night Pads (8 ct.) to try out.  Secretly I hoped it'd be a while because, let's just be honest here, I wasn't really looking forward to having a period again.  I hadn't had to deal with that business since October of 2010.  I wasn't in a hurry to give it a whirl again.

Then BAM! last week out of nowhere... cramps.  I was like, "NOOOOOOO!!!", but I knew it was inevitable.  I'm happy I was able to make it ten months.  I would have been happier to make it a little longer, but what is a girl to do?  Then I remembered that I had some new pads to try.  A tiny little bright spot in the menstrual whirlwind.

Right out of the box I noticed a difference from my regular sanitary napkins.  I think they should definitely be in stores, but they are a bit on the pricey side.  You can order directly from their website here or on Amazon here.

Pros for me:
- Anti-bacterial properties
- Same size, shape as other pads
- I did notice or rather DIDN'T notice any odors.
- Absorbency after first day of cycle (see below) was excellent.
- Cotton-like surface is nice and soft.
- Breathable bottom layer worked nicely.
- Adhesive backing stayed put well.
- Wings have large adhesive area and help keep pad in place.

Cons for me:
- At the beginning of my period, I had/have a heavier flow.  I almost encountered a leak with the daytime pad, but was able to avert disaster by just getting to the bathroom in time.  The pads didn't absorb quickly enough to keep up with my flow.  (Again I should mention that this is my first period since giving birth ten months ago.  Next months flow may be entirely different.)
- Made in China.  However from doing a bit of research, most menstrual products aren't made in the US which is great for the women of the country that they ARE made in, but not for me.
- Excessive packaging.  This is both a plus and a minus.  I like the fact that each pad is sealed well and is completely blocked from outside contaminates, but that's a lot of trash going into a landfill somewhere and I've never had an issue with other products being contaminated by an outside germ.

The Anion strip is said to help relieve cramps, decrease bloating, and increase energy.  I didn't notice any of these things in my experience.  I had the same level of cramps that I remember having months ago.  I'm still battling a post-baby belly so it may actually help with bloating, but I feel bloated all the time anyway!

Bottom line:
I would probably use these products again.  In fact, I will.  We only use products like this for a few short days every month.  What we use for those few days makes a difference.  I'd like to know that the product I'm using might give me extra benefits.  I think it's worth trying.  Visit Empower Pads at their site or on Facebook to learn more about this product.

I was provided a complimentary package of product in exchange for my review and honest opinion.  No other compensation was made.  All opinions are my own.

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