The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012

We did it!  Rowan and I participated in our local Great Cloth Diaper Change, along with our exclusive personal photographer Kaia. *wink, wink* It was AWESOME!  Of course, we were running 30 minutes behind the time I had wanted to leave.  Plus the husband left the car with the tiniest amount of gas he could possibly manage.  I was driving with my fingers crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed... hell my damn eyes were crossed too... just hoping that I wouldn't run out of gas before I got there because I was already behind and didn't have the time to stop beforehand.  It was all good though.  We made it in time and managed to squeak in just in time.

Getting all packed and ready to go!

Our official ticket!
Everyone getting set up before the change.
Hold up your fluff!!

Hold up your (pre-change) baby!

Time to show those fluffy butts!
(No photos during the actual change though...) 

Goody bag goodness!!
There were TONS of prizes to be given away.  Almost four tables of donated items!  I had my fingers crossed for the Happy YiaYia tie dye flats/prefolds or the Holden's Landing Live, Laugh, Love cloth diaper or any one of the other super awesome donations that were available.  Alas, luck was not on my side.  BUT it's not that disappointing because we are part of a Guinness World Record!  I didn't even look in my goody bag until I got home and I was so excited to have a Snappi!

And our fearless photographer won....

a pink and purple tutu from *My TuTu*!
Did you get to take part in your local GCDC event?

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