Photo A Day Rewind {January}

Do you Instagram?  I do (christinebewley).  Each month there is a challenge by @fatmumslim to take a photo a day with prompts.  Each month I have every intention of taking a photo every day.  So far each month, I have not only fallen off the bandwagon, but pretty much just leaped right off the edge head first.

I am pretty embarrassed to admit that until today, I had no idea that @fatmumslim has a blog.  I had no idea that this wasn't just an Instagram "thing".  I'm such an idiot.

These are the photos I managed to snag in the month of January.

Ok... so I managed to make it half way through that month.  Sad thing is that I probably could have tagged several of my other photos for this challenge had I been paying attention to the prompt for that day. *sigh*  I promised myself I'd do better the next month.

Tomorrow I'll look back at the mess I made of February.

Like these storyboards?  They are FREE and you can find them right here at Sarah Halstead's blog!

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