Photo A Day Rewind {March}

So now we have arrived at the month of March.  I managed to remember to take a photo 13 days!  Woo!  Look at me go!

I always start off so strong!  I don't know what is happening halfway through the month, but it's making me forget my marbles apparently!

As usual,  I promised myself I'd do better the next month.

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Photo A Day Rewind {February}

So if you thought I royally screwed up with my January Photo A Day, wait until you see the measly photos from February.  This really is a bad representation though because I took tons of photos.  I just didn't take tons of the right photos!

It's sad, isn't it?  I managed only 9 days.  I promised myself I'd do better next month.

Coming up tomorrow... March.

Like these storyboards?  They are FREE and you can find them right here at Sarah Halstead's blog!

Photo A Day Rewind {January}

Do you Instagram?  I do (christinebewley).  Each month there is a challenge by @fatmumslim to take a photo a day with prompts.  Each month I have every intention of taking a photo every day.  So far each month, I have not only fallen off the bandwagon, but pretty much just leaped right off the edge head first.

I am pretty embarrassed to admit that until today, I had no idea that @fatmumslim has a blog.  I had no idea that this wasn't just an Instagram "thing".  I'm such an idiot.

These are the photos I managed to snag in the month of January.

Ok... so I managed to make it half way through that month.  Sad thing is that I probably could have tagged several of my other photos for this challenge had I been paying attention to the prompt for that day. *sigh*  I promised myself I'd do better the next month.

Tomorrow I'll look back at the mess I made of February.

Like these storyboards?  They are FREE and you can find them right here at Sarah Halstead's blog!

What the... ?!?!?

What the hell is wrong with teenagers?  My son is almost a teenager, he's 12, but dang....

This morning's leftovers...
I thought it was just my son, but after posting this photo to my personal Facebook I realize it's just a kid thing.

Clothes he wore to bed lying mere inches from the clothes hamper.

Cereal box, open, left sitting on counter.  Upon later inspection... it was found to be... EMPTY!

Dirty cereal bowl, left on counter literally three steps from sink.

I think I may blow a gasket.  Is it noon yet?  Is it inappropriate for me to throw a shot of liquor in my coffee?  Yes? No?

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012

We did it!  Rowan and I participated in our local Great Cloth Diaper Change, along with our exclusive personal photographer Kaia. *wink, wink* It was AWESOME!  Of course, we were running 30 minutes behind the time I had wanted to leave.  Plus the husband left the car with the tiniest amount of gas he could possibly manage.  I was driving with my fingers crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed... hell my damn eyes were crossed too... just hoping that I wouldn't run out of gas before I got there because I was already behind and didn't have the time to stop beforehand.  It was all good though.  We made it in time and managed to squeak in just in time.

Getting all packed and ready to go!

Our official ticket!
Everyone getting set up before the change.
Hold up your fluff!!

Hold up your (pre-change) baby!

Time to show those fluffy butts!
(No photos during the actual change though...) 

Goody bag goodness!!
There were TONS of prizes to be given away.  Almost four tables of donated items!  I had my fingers crossed for the Happy YiaYia tie dye flats/prefolds or the Holden's Landing Live, Laugh, Love cloth diaper or any one of the other super awesome donations that were available.  Alas, luck was not on my side.  BUT it's not that disappointing because we are part of a Guinness World Record!  I didn't even look in my goody bag until I got home and I was so excited to have a Snappi!

And our fearless photographer won....

a pink and purple tutu from *My TuTu*!
Did you get to take part in your local GCDC event?

The End is Near

How sad is it that I'm a 33 year old woman that is counting down the days until my kids are on Summer Break from school?  Twenty seven more days!  It's a good and a bad thing though.  Good because I won't have to do a lot of things and I'll have the kids here to help out around the house.  Bad because it's "end of year" crap.  Concerts, awards, banquets, field trips, etc.  It's like a never ending circle of going, going, going.  Starting with...

KMEA Band Festival at WKU's Van Meter Auditorium
Butler County schools have THE BEST bands.  Through two different festival competitions and three bands (high school band, middle school 7th & 8th grade band, and the 5th grade), they all received the highest rating of Distinguished.   We have two more 5th grade band concerts to attend before school is out.

Part of the 5th grade band receiving recognition at the school board meeting.
Neil with his basketball coach
Even though Neil is in 6th grade he was able to play on the 7th grade basketball team.  The 6th grade players don't get much playing time, but he enjoyed every minute.  Every minute sitting on the bench!  Ha!  Still he was part of a championship 7th grade team.  They only lost one game all season and swept the conference tournament.  It was our first basketball banquet, certainly not our last.

I'm not sure if anyone was aware or not, but Easter was a couple of weeks ago.  We were camping.  I finally got around to taking the baby's first Easter photos.  Last weekend.  Oops!  Glad she hadn't outgrown her outfit already.  I do want to take this opportunity to officially declare that I despise that tiny little 2 inch LCD screen on my camera.  It is so deceiving.  I may have gotten myself three good photos of the bazillion that I took.  I really, really need to take a class to teach me better photography skills.

Wishy Washy

Least favorite chore? Dishes. Today the dishwasher ate my second favorite spatula.

Oh Hai There

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur.  I mean we having really been what I would consider busy, it's just blown right on past us!  Oops!  My own mother gave me a kick in the ass and said, "You know Earth Hour was like a month ago.  When are you going to blog again?"  Muh bad.

I guess we should start with Spring Break.  It was the first week of April for my kids.  We normally just hang out around the house during this time because the temps are usually cool this time of year.  Since we were having unseasonably warmer weather, we decided to go camping!  Probably the worst idea ever.

Every time we try to take a trip it turns into some National Lampoon extravaganza.  I swear I think I'm going to catch cameramen in the bushes.  This trip was no exception.  First off, we drive a 2008 Kia Spectra5.  There is a definite art to strategically placing all the necessities needed for camping into this vehicle.  Being the first week of April, the campground wasn't officially opened for the season yet so we could camp for free, but at a price.  No water, no electric, no bath house.  There are "pit" toilets available, which are basically holes in the ground with a little building around them and a toilet over the hole.  We've camped "primitive" before, but it was NOTHING like this adventure.

Not open for the season meant anybody could fish, camp, etc.  First trip to the toilet should have been a sign.  No toilet paper, luckily I had remembered to take my own roll.  That wasn't the worst part though.  There was POOP on the seat.  Just a little, but enough that I quickly learned it takes 12 squares of TP to cover that toilet seat and then I still hovered over it.  A couple of days later, more POOP in a different location, and someone let their dog PEE in the floor.  *eyeroll*  Who takes the damn dog to the bathroom with them??

It's been super warm and beautiful, but the first night we camped turned out to be the coldest night in about two months.  It got down to the mid-30's.  We were in a tent.  Brrrrr!  Next morning meant an emergency trip to the store to purchase blankets that we didn't actually need because I have a gazillion here at the house.  BUT the hubs gets bonus points because he found blankets that were not only inexpensive, but also made in the USA and made from recycled polyester.  Score!!

This is the first time we've camped out of season.  One of the many drawbacks we found was the amount of people fishing.  During the season, there is a daily fee to enter the campground and fish.  There wasn't any regulation to the amount of people who were allowed to enter.  People, people, people... everywhere along the river.  On the second night, we were kept up until at least 2am by a group of loud, obnoxious, clearly intoxicated men who were only two campsites down from us.  They were throwing beer bottles, laughing, yelling, and to my horror.... RAPPING.  White guys + beer = PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T PRETEND TO BE EMINEM.  I was moments away from making a total ass of myself when they got in their equally as loud and obnoxious trucks and drove away.

Then... to beat it all.... my flip flop gave me a blister!  What the hell flip flop??  I wear these things all the time.  Even in the Winter.  I was so mad at them.  I couldn't have been happier to pack up and go home.  With all the complaints and irritations, we did have a couple of nice neighbor campers.  It was also Rowan's first camping trip and she was great!  The tent is one huge covered playpen for her.  At least that was something successful!


I love the candy holidays. I get to rummage through the kids candy while they are at school and smuggle out the good stuff. These are the best Nerds ever.