The Sun Shines Bright on My Old Kentucky Home

I just realized that I haven't posted in over a week!  The weather has been so beautiful here that I've not even bothered to think about the computer.  Check out these temperatures!

Uh... yay!!  It's no secret that I wear my flip flops year around, but now I can wear them and not have people look at me funny!  Hee hee!

Yesterday I took the wee one outside to soak up some of the Sun, but I was worried she'd get burned so I did this.

Did you know that a fitted crib sheet is the perfect size "cover" for a play yard?  It's great!  The elastic helps keep it in place.

I can't wait for this weekend.  We're going to mow our yard for the first time this year.  I hope this will help promote growth.  In the Fall/Winter our grass turns brown and brittle so in the Spring there are random sprigs of green everywhere.  Once it greens up I won't have to have Rowan in a play yard, I can just let her crawl in the grass!  She's never experienced cool green grass before.

I hope that the weather is beautiful where you are too!!

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