My Lil' Monkey Butt

It's so hard to believe that Rowan is 8 months old today!  It's incredibly scary how fast this time has already flown by.

My sweet little Ro-baby, you have become such a big girl!

You have the Army crawl down pat.  If you ever get those little knees under you, I'll never be able to catch you!  To be just scooting around you sure are fast!  You are even starting to pull up on Mama and the furniture.

You are fascinated by anything made of paper, power cords (to the Playstation, my laptop...anything), and shoes.  Apparently all of our shoes taste awesome because you are constantly putting them in your mouth. Yuck!

You still have only one tooth, but you're working on another.  I'm finally giving in and letting you have a few bites of "real" food.  You were pretty interested in our lasagna a few nights ago so I gave you a teeny tiny bite.  You practically ripped my plate out of my hands to get another one!  I guess it was better than the pureed squash.

You are still nursing like a champ.  This makes Mama so proud!  No bottles for you!  You've started to figure out that sippy cup, but still need a little help with tipping it up to get a drink.

The only word we've gotten out of you consistently is Mama, but I think you think it's a universal word.  When it's time to nurse or you are hungry, you say Mama.  We're still working on learning the sign for milk.  Every now and then you will slip in a "Bubba" and this makes him so happy.  Your brother and sister sure do love you!  And so do Daddy and I!

Happy 8th month Rowan!

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