Knock on Wood

This weekend we decided it was finally time to say good riddance to a couple of carpeted rooms in our house.  One of which is a half bathroom.  More on that later...

We tugged and pulled and yanked and said a few curse words.  Just like that *snap* the carpet was gone.


For a reason only known to the installer, the carpet had been glued down.  Including that small area of linoleum you see my husband scraping away at.  Eventually we gave up ever getting that stuff up and just smoothed out the edges.

I really wanted to do laminate, but the hubs was convinced we could use vinyl planks.  I wasn't sold on the idea, but I agreed to it.  Home Depot had a better selection, but Lowe's had better prices.  We agreed on a caramel color oak plank.  It cost us less than $200 to put flooring in a 20' x 9' room.

After the first couple of boxes were laid down, I was shocked.  Looking at a flimsy, vinyl plank all by it's wee lonesome in a big warehouse store does not compare to what the product will look like with a few of it's friends in your house.  I was loving it already!  I couldn't believe how much it actually looked like real wood.

My brain is so in love with this floor.  My body wants to kick this floor's ass.  After about three to four hours of bending, twisting, getting down, and getting up, I thought all was good.  Until I woke up Monday morning... creaking like the Tin Man with no oil.  I am seriously out of shape and can't keep blaming the (8 months old tomorrow!!!!) baby for my lack of motivation.

I still need to paint and grab a couple of baseboards to finish it up.  Once I get all that done this will be my new craft/sewing room!!  I'm so excited!

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