Birds, Bees, and Trees

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Lilac, a bush that has cute little white rosettes, and wisteria in the background.
Spring is really kicking in around my house.  All the bushes, trees, and flowers are beginning to bud.  Except for the Oak trees.  They are always behind.  Except everything else is early so I guess the Oaks are still on-time.  I want to call them all Tree Beard.  That's a Lord of the Rings reference for anyone who didn't understand.

© 2012 Christine Bewley. All rights reserved.  Do not copy.
My yard smells so good right now!!  Every time the wind blows, you can smell the sweetness.  I took my life into my own hands by trying to take photos of the flowers and bushes in the yard.  The bees were so excited!  They are everywhere, buzzing here and there.

I've been spending so much time outside just soaking up the great weather that I've completely neglected the blog.  I've pretty much neglected my laptop in general.  It's one drawback of having the iPad.  I spend more time on it.  It's more portable and always booted up and ready to go.  Then I find that I'm stressed over how to Draw Something or how long my dragon egg will take to hatch.

© 2012 Christine Bewley. All rights reserved.  Do not copy.
Enjoying some grass....
Not to mention Rowan is zooming right through babyhood!  She's got two teeth now and finally mastered crawling.  She had the Army crawl down like a champ, but she finally figured out how to get those knees working too.  Not to mention, she's pulling up on anything she can get a good hand hold on.  She's a quick little booger too.  I can not believe she's almost 9 months old now.  She loves being outdoors and I'm excited about going camping with her for the first time.

So this is where I've been and what I've been doing... just in case you missed me!

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