Why I Haven't Been Here... For Real


I've never watched this show before my recent discovering.  Oh I've seen a couple of episodes, but never really gotten into watching the series.  Mainly because DISH NETWORK doesn't offer the CW on my local channels.

Hello?  DISH NETWORK?  Are you listening?!  Get with it people.  I am in desperate need of some CW on my local stations.  Please contact me immediately!

Anyhoo....  I've managed to blow through the first 4 seasons in the past few weeks.  Every chance I get to catch an episode, I'm there.  Baby napping?  Watch Supernatural!  Baby playing?  Watch Supernatural!  Baby nursing?  Watch Supernatural!

Obsession?  Possibly.

I'll give you two reasons why.

Jared Padalecki

Jensen Ackles
Enough said.

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  1. You don't get CW as a local channel with Dish? We have Dish Network and we do. That's weird.

    I never could get into Supernatural. I tried. But I just couldn't.

    1. We switched from Nashville locals to Bowling Green locals when they became available so we would get real local news/weather, but we lost CW in the process. I wouldn't have switched had I know. I like several shows on that network.