What Makes a Date When You're a Mom OR Show Me the Money!

I haven't been out of the house without Rowan since she was born.  I did try once to run to the store, but by the time I returned she was NOT happy that I had left.  Tuesday night though I got to go on a date with a younger man.

My son!

The local schools have a great band program.  Of which, both of my older children are members.  Neil plays drums in the middle school while Kaia plays flute in the 5th grade band.  The high school band players are very good and have won many awards.

The high school held their 1st annual Night at the Movies concert.  Neil asked me to go with him.  He obviously didn't call it a "date", but it's the closest thing I've seen to a date in years!  They offered free popcorn, sodas for $1, and donations, of course!  I mean a concert with movies, popcorn, and drinks.  Sounds like a date right?  They set up a big inflatable screen and had a slide show of the movies they were playing music from, turned off the bright, unflattering lights of the gym and used small lamps and even smaller lights on their stands.  It was pretty awesome.

Our school district is experiencing a huge deficit in state funding right now.  A deficit of $385,000.  The school board is being forced to decide what programs get cut and which programs get to stay.  I don't think that music/band is on the chopping block and I certainly hope not.  I don't want any programs to get cut even if my children aren't the ones participating in them.

I feel bad.  My son just brought home yet another school fundraiser brochure.  I rolled my eyes.  I complained on Facebook.  I feel like we are constantly asking others to help fund something.  He is currently trying to sell items for 4 different activities/schools.  Now that I know about the school districts short falls I feel more inclined to push these fundraisers.  Does your school have fundraiser after fundraiser?  Are they facing funding cuts as well?

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