Pretty Things

Recently, the Aberdeen Trading Post opened for business in our little town. I drive by the place at least once a week on my way to the grocery store. I always say, "You know, I want to stop and check out what they've got going on in there". I finally, FINALLY!!, stopped in this weekend.

I love this set of canisters and such!  I have some that my grandfather made that look to be from the exact same mold, just painted differently.  
See!  I only have four canisters though.  I'm still trying to convince the husband to let me get them.

Blue mason jars!!  

These cute little glasses are only $3!
Basically the trading post is a big flea market/consignment shop, I love it!  I could spend way more time in there than I should and probably spend more money than I should, too!  I ended up walking away with this corn bread skillet.
For $12!  Yummy.... corn bread.....

These cute fabrics were at our local Hancock Fabrics store.  I'm still trying to find exactly what I can make with them.

FINALLY!! I found this book at Hobby Lobby.  Watch out... I'm about to start whippin' out some diapers y'all!


  1. Those canisters are fun. They remind me of something my aunt had in her kitchen when I was younger.

    1. I absolutely love them. They're so ugly, they're cute! Haha!