Oh No I Didn't!

Every year when tax time rolls around, my husband and I pick out splurge items. Things we wouldn't normally buy for ourselves. We also have the most awesomesauce tax preparers. How awesome are they, you ask? So great that we've already received both our state and our federal returns.

Every year I find something that I'd like to have but would normally have to save, save, save to buy. This year though I didn't really have that one thing. While shopping for some sort of cord to make the Wii and Playstation work with our new tv (the hubs item this year), I noticed a Kindle Fire on display. Being able to see an item in person really is important. To touch, explore, and get a feel for an item makes a big difference. I showed it to my husband and we compared it with the iPad. I think for the price, you can't beat the Fire, but it wasn't "IT".

So we bought an iPad.

And I immediately wanted to take it back. Not because there was anything wrong with it, but because I hated seeing that money leave my wallet!!

I love it though.
Ooooo.....  Ahhhhh...... 
I could have picked up one of those handy dandy iPad Smart Covers, but instead I grabbed this super cute cover instead.

I am disappointed in Blogger.  There is no Blogger app for the iPad.  There is an app for the iPhone, but it doesn't look good or function well on the iPad.  When I started writing this post (my first one on the iPad!), I couldn't add photos.  I had to use the web browser to access my dashboard.  I was only able to use the HTML portion when creating a new post and when I tried to add photos, the selection was grayed out.

So far that's my only complaint.  I've downloaded a couple of apps for the baby and she loves the Dr. Seuss ABC app and the Fish School app.  I have a feeling she'll be getting more use from the iPad than I will!

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