Lazy Days

I have been so lazy lately.  And by lately I mean, for the past couple of months.  I haven't been doing many things that I need/want to be doing.  

I'm not getting out of the house.  This is mainly because it's still stinkin' cold around here.  Yesterday was beautiful, but today it's overcast, super windy, and cold.  I did take the baby outside yesterday to enjoy the brief amount of Sun and warmth that Mother Earth allowed us to enjoy.  Every time there was a breeze, she would look up to the sky and smile the biggest one-tooth smile.  I can't wait for warmer weather so she can love it as much as I do.

I'm not taking photos.  I'm so disappointed in myself.  I've barely touched my SLR camera.  I had plans of working on photography projects.  Projects to keep me actively using my camera.  I've done diddly-squat with it. The occasional snapshot here or there is about all I've been able to muster.

What all this (plus some that I'm not even mentioning) boils down to is that sheer lack of Sunshine in these parts.  It's hard to be motivated or even excited about getting out of your pajamas when the day is gloomy, overcast, and cold.

Dear Spring,

Arriving early to your scheduled appointment is never a bad thing!




  1. My department moved into a new building about a year and a half ago, but before that, we were in a windowless office and my work hours were such that I rarely saw more than 10 minutes of sunlight a day during the winter. I think I really did have some seasonal depression. People laughed at me for it because I'm from Southern California. But gloomy weather really does make it hard to be motivated to do things and get excited about anything.

    1. I'm so glad to not be alone! It was beautiful here today with warm temps and sunshine. It definitely brightened my spirits!