*knock, knock*

Is this thing on???  I realized yesterday that it's been a week since I posted last!  Oops!  I've been around.  Just not on the internet much.  Ro baby isn't crawling... yet.  She is scooting on her belly though.  Already she's finding anything she can get into and getting into it!  She thinks the plugs for the Playstation are the bees knees and continually ends up heading for them.  And she's quick too!  Babies are amazing and freakishly scary at the same time.  Did I tell you she has a tooth too?!

Besides chasing this ever growing baby around the house, I'm doing a few videos for Sew is Your Baby!  I've only managed to get one done so far, but you can check them out here.  While you're there you should check out her diapers.  So cute and so affordable!  Happy cloth diapering!


  1. you did really well on your video and that diaper cover is adorable.....

    1. Thanks! That diaper is so cute! She doesn't have many prints... yet!