Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh!!!

Guess what came in the mail today?!?!?!

Yay!  Photoshop Elements 10!!!

M'kay.... now what do I do???  HELP!!!

Why I Haven't Been Here... For Real


I've never watched this show before my recent discovering.  Oh I've seen a couple of episodes, but never really gotten into watching the series.  Mainly because DISH NETWORK doesn't offer the CW on my local channels.

Hello?  DISH NETWORK?  Are you listening?!  Get with it people.  I am in desperate need of some CW on my local stations.  Please contact me immediately!

Anyhoo....  I've managed to blow through the first 4 seasons in the past few weeks.  Every chance I get to catch an episode, I'm there.  Baby napping?  Watch Supernatural!  Baby playing?  Watch Supernatural!  Baby nursing?  Watch Supernatural!

Obsession?  Possibly.

I'll give you two reasons why.

Jared Padalecki

Jensen Ackles
Enough said.

Images from Google.

Lazy Days

I have been so lazy lately.  And by lately I mean, for the past couple of months.  I haven't been doing many things that I need/want to be doing.  

I'm not getting out of the house.  This is mainly because it's still stinkin' cold around here.  Yesterday was beautiful, but today it's overcast, super windy, and cold.  I did take the baby outside yesterday to enjoy the brief amount of Sun and warmth that Mother Earth allowed us to enjoy.  Every time there was a breeze, she would look up to the sky and smile the biggest one-tooth smile.  I can't wait for warmer weather so she can love it as much as I do.

I'm not taking photos.  I'm so disappointed in myself.  I've barely touched my SLR camera.  I had plans of working on photography projects.  Projects to keep me actively using my camera.  I've done diddly-squat with it. The occasional snapshot here or there is about all I've been able to muster.

What all this (plus some that I'm not even mentioning) boils down to is that sheer lack of Sunshine in these parts.  It's hard to be motivated or even excited about getting out of your pajamas when the day is gloomy, overcast, and cold.

Dear Spring,

Arriving early to your scheduled appointment is never a bad thing!



I Love This Site!

I've had this blog bookmarked for a while, but finally decided to download a few of her FREE papers.  I've got them on my blog,

on my phone,

and on my iPad.

I don't think they were intended for this purpose, but I sure do love their colorful simplicity!  Zip on over to Mel's blog, Mel Stampz, and check out all the gorgeous papers she's created!

Pretty Things

Recently, the Aberdeen Trading Post opened for business in our little town. I drive by the place at least once a week on my way to the grocery store. I always say, "You know, I want to stop and check out what they've got going on in there". I finally, FINALLY!!, stopped in this weekend.

I love this set of canisters and such!  I have some that my grandfather made that look to be from the exact same mold, just painted differently.  
See!  I only have four canisters though.  I'm still trying to convince the husband to let me get them.

Blue mason jars!!  

These cute little glasses are only $3!
Basically the trading post is a big flea market/consignment shop, I love it!  I could spend way more time in there than I should and probably spend more money than I should, too!  I ended up walking away with this corn bread skillet.
For $12!  Yummy.... corn bread.....

These cute fabrics were at our local Hancock Fabrics store.  I'm still trying to find exactly what I can make with them.

FINALLY!! I found this book at Hobby Lobby.  Watch out... I'm about to start whippin' out some diapers y'all!

Oh Holy Crap....

Eeep... I really must find a little me time around here. I checked my Google Reader this morning and it was sitting at 240!!! Yikes!! I'll never get them all read. This bums me out 'cause I don't want to miss any super awesome posts. I am following all these blogs for a reason, ya know?!

Problem is that I'm chasing this little girl around.  I told you yesterday that she thinks the Playstation cords are fascinating.  Here is proof.  I had to retrieve her from this corner at least 10 times yesterday.


Good grief when did she get so stinkin' big.

*knock, knock*

Is this thing on???  I realized yesterday that it's been a week since I posted last!  Oops!  I've been around.  Just not on the internet much.  Ro baby isn't crawling... yet.  She is scooting on her belly though.  Already she's finding anything she can get into and getting into it!  She thinks the plugs for the Playstation are the bees knees and continually ends up heading for them.  And she's quick too!  Babies are amazing and freakishly scary at the same time.  Did I tell you she has a tooth too?!

Besides chasing this ever growing baby around the house, I'm doing a few videos for Sew is Your Baby!  I've only managed to get one done so far, but you can check them out here.  While you're there you should check out her diapers.  So cute and so affordable!  Happy cloth diapering!

What Makes a Date When You're a Mom OR Show Me the Money!

I haven't been out of the house without Rowan since she was born.  I did try once to run to the store, but by the time I returned she was NOT happy that I had left.  Tuesday night though I got to go on a date with a younger man.

My son!

The local schools have a great band program.  Of which, both of my older children are members.  Neil plays drums in the middle school while Kaia plays flute in the 5th grade band.  The high school band players are very good and have won many awards.

The high school held their 1st annual Night at the Movies concert.  Neil asked me to go with him.  He obviously didn't call it a "date", but it's the closest thing I've seen to a date in years!  They offered free popcorn, sodas for $1, and donations, of course!  I mean a concert with movies, popcorn, and drinks.  Sounds like a date right?  They set up a big inflatable screen and had a slide show of the movies they were playing music from, turned off the bright, unflattering lights of the gym and used small lamps and even smaller lights on their stands.  It was pretty awesome.

Our school district is experiencing a huge deficit in state funding right now.  A deficit of $385,000.  The school board is being forced to decide what programs get cut and which programs get to stay.  I don't think that music/band is on the chopping block and I certainly hope not.  I don't want any programs to get cut even if my children aren't the ones participating in them.

I feel bad.  My son just brought home yet another school fundraiser brochure.  I rolled my eyes.  I complained on Facebook.  I feel like we are constantly asking others to help fund something.  He is currently trying to sell items for 4 different activities/schools.  Now that I know about the school districts short falls I feel more inclined to push these fundraisers.  Does your school have fundraiser after fundraiser?  Are they facing funding cuts as well?

Oh No I Didn't!

Every year when tax time rolls around, my husband and I pick out splurge items. Things we wouldn't normally buy for ourselves. We also have the most awesomesauce tax preparers. How awesome are they, you ask? So great that we've already received both our state and our federal returns.

Every year I find something that I'd like to have but would normally have to save, save, save to buy. This year though I didn't really have that one thing. While shopping for some sort of cord to make the Wii and Playstation work with our new tv (the hubs item this year), I noticed a Kindle Fire on display. Being able to see an item in person really is important. To touch, explore, and get a feel for an item makes a big difference. I showed it to my husband and we compared it with the iPad. I think for the price, you can't beat the Fire, but it wasn't "IT".

So we bought an iPad.

And I immediately wanted to take it back. Not because there was anything wrong with it, but because I hated seeing that money leave my wallet!!

I love it though.
Ooooo.....  Ahhhhh...... 
I could have picked up one of those handy dandy iPad Smart Covers, but instead I grabbed this super cute cover instead.

I am disappointed in Blogger.  There is no Blogger app for the iPad.  There is an app for the iPhone, but it doesn't look good or function well on the iPad.  When I started writing this post (my first one on the iPad!), I couldn't add photos.  I had to use the web browser to access my dashboard.  I was only able to use the HTML portion when creating a new post and when I tried to add photos, the selection was grayed out.

So far that's my only complaint.  I've downloaded a couple of apps for the baby and she loves the Dr. Seuss ABC app and the Fish School app.  I have a feeling she'll be getting more use from the iPad than I will!