Project 366 Rewind - Week 1

Maybe starting all these projects was a little too aggressive.  In any case... here's my feeble attempt at my first week of taking a photo a day.

I tried to stick with the theme when choosing photos.  This is the first year I've really made an honest attempt at a fresh start in the new year.  Much of it has to do with the fact that I never expected, at 33, to be doing the "baby thing" again.  It's given me a fresh perspective on life.

Top left:  Every morning I go over the calendar while having my morning cup of cappuccino.
Middle left:  Starting working on my crock pot meal-a-week with some chicken.
Middle middle:  The kids started their Spring semester of school.  I made massive amounts of pancakes one day to store in the freezer for quick heat up on school day mornings.
Middle right:  Just chillin' with the wee one.
Bottom left:  Rowan's first "solid" food!  Sweet potatoes!
Bottom right:  I've set up my Buddha area in the bedroom.  Light a candle every morning, say a little prayer.
Naptime Momtog

I am also participating in the January Photo-a-day on Instagram. Here are this week's images via iPhone.

Day 1. You.

Day 2. Breakfast. (yep same photo...)

Day 3. Something you adore.

Day 4. Letterbox.

Day 5. Something you wore.

Day 6. Makes you smile.

Day 7.  Favorite.

**Just a quick note... you may notice that I seem to only own one Western Ky University hoodie.  In fact, I own more than one, AND I do wear more than just that sweatshirt everyday...  I swear!


  1. What a great week in photos!!!! Thanks for joining us today!!!!

  2. Hi!
    Great snapshots! Love the baby eating. She's adorable. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. Oh, I love your shots and love how you presented them. I am so glad you are linking up with us. Excited to see your photos each week.

  4. What a fun layout! Those pancakes look perfectly brown!

    Tamar - also linking with Project 366

  5. Congrats on completing your first week. Love the selfies.

  6. maybe I'm partial to day 6 for some