I guess I should have thought through some of my goals for the year.  Having a goal of blogging more verses a goal of spending LESS time on the internet don't actually work well together.  The good news is that I've succeeded in spending less time on the internet.  I've already read two full books on my son's Kindle and I'm working on my third.  I love that Kindle. Love it, love it.  Must get one for myself.

The bad news is that I've woefully neglected the blog.


Thankfully I know that most of you understand that I just had a baby a few months ago.  The older she gets, the less time I have to just sit idle on the computer.  This is not a complaint on my part, although she does seem to have computer radar.  Every single time I turn it on.  She'll wake from her nap or just get fussy with her toys.  She's growing so fast though!  Between December 1st and January 12th she gained nearly three pounds and grew 2 inches!  

And then she did this....

It melts my heart.  Every. Single. Time.

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