Handmade Sunday

Look at this cute Valentine's garland from Seventh Stitch for $28 + $3 for shipping.

This Valentine's basket from Wexford Treasures!  $24.99 + $9.00 shipping.
Spotlight Mirrors Two is having a GRAND OPENING sale, for only $2.25 + $2.00 shipping!  You choose between a mirror or a magnet.

This is such a cute idea for garland! If you don't want to make it yourself , you can purchase it from Country Chiq for $8.21 USD, but it's coming from Canada so the shipping is $6.15 USD.    
Ha!  I love that this appeals to my love of Halloween mixed with just enough Valentine's to get away with using it! From  Fuzz On Me for $26.00 + $3.00 shipping.
This glass pendant is... WOW!  It's only $15.00 + $3.00 shipping from Boomwire.

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