Wipe On, Wipe Off

When I got my Perfect Wipes, my first reaction was, "Ewww! No way I am going to wipe poop with that!"  We began using them as spit wipes instead.  Some where along the line though, I decided to give it a whirl.  Probably because I realized that I was using about a gajillion disposable wipes per poopy diaper.  Wipe, fold, wipe, fold. Repeat.  It dawned on me that I was being a bit ridiculous.  All about the cloth diapers and the impact on the planet, but I was still throwing away wipe after wipe after wipe.  

One day I had just had enough so I grabbed a cloth wipe.  Not knowing a thing about cloth wipe solutions, I just wet it with some warm water.  Wowza!  I used ONE wipe and all the poo was gone.  I had noticed when using disposable wipes that Rowan's bootay would look a bit stained.  No matter how many wipes I used, she would still have a yellow tint to her behind.  I always felt like she was not getting clean.  Not an issue when using the cloth wipes!  I think that she is getting much cleaner now.  

Staining of the bootay was not the only staining issue.  Since the wipes are white I did have to sun them often to keep the stains at bay.  (That Sun!  Got to love it!)  So when I ran across an 18 pk of wash cloths at Wal-Mart for only $4 in these mix of wonderful Autumn colors and white, I had to buy some.  Great inexpensive way of masking those poo stains!  The yellow ones are almost hard to use though because they match the mustard-y color of Rowan's poo's so well that I cannot always tell if I am using the "clean" side!             

I still use disposables periodically at home and, of course, when we are out.  Just like my first worries about using cloth diapers, my fears of using cloth wipes were un-necessary.  I think I may look into making some cloth wipe solutions.  This site has tons of different solutions to make yourself.  I would really like to try the Chamomile 'N Honey solution because it doesn't have any oils so I can still wash my wipes right along with my diapers.  Here's the recipe:  for every cup of boiling water, brew one chamomile tea bag, and add a teaspoon of honey.  Sounds easy, right?  I've many different ways to add solutions to your wipes.  Some reuse an old disposable container, some just pour on the wipes as needed, and I read of filling a peri-bottle with the solution.  I saved my peri-bottle from the hospital for some reason and now I have an actual use for it!

How many cloth wipe users are out there?  Do you have any tips or tricks for your wipes?

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