I Covet the Bella

No, not THAT Bella.  The Tiny Tush Bella print!

I told y'all in my first ever diaper review that Charlene is awesome sauce with a cherry on top, but she really is on top of her business.  Not to mention an all around good person.  I want to bake her cookies and give her a big hug.

She read my review and noticed my "funky bubble".  She said it was a flaw with a temporary PUL supplier. I was only the second person in 11 years to have this problem!!  Talk about a great product!  I wish I could say I only had two problems in 11 years with other things I have around the house!  She wanted to switch out my funky bubble for the beautiful Bella!

I haven't tried it out yet because I just got it today, but I had to gush over it.  It really is a beautiful print.  The colors are perfect, bright yet subtle.  And soft? Oh it's so soft!  I am so excited to try this one out!  Head over to Tiny Tush to get your Bella or Bubbles, Camo or Bots, or one (or more) of the 13 other solid colors available.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed with one of these diapers!

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