This is going to sound like...

a broken record.  I have not been posting like I should.  Like I want to be posting.  There is so much going on, yet nothing really.  We're busy with basketball, band, and the like.  Mostly I'm busy with the baby during the day and how many posts about changing diapers and breastfeeding can one really stand.  

I mean... I could post every day about the mundane happenings around here, but my life is no where near as exciting as some bloggers lives seem to be.  For example, I could tell you about the faucet.  The one in the kitchen that we just replaced a couple of months ago after living with a cheap-o plastic-y one for the past 2.5 years.  The one that randomly started to leak two nights ago.  Not just dripping, but trickling... then running.  To beat it all, it was the frickin' HOT water too.  At 8:30pm-ish, my husband had to go outside and shut off the main water because (it just gets better and better) the kitchen sink is the only water source in the house that DOESN'T have shut off valves inside the house.  Go check this in your own kitchen right now.  If you don't have shut off valves... put it on your honey-do list.  Eventually, after about an hour of me listening to the hubs rant, rave, and cuss at a kitchen faucet, we got it down to a mere drip.  Of course, (remember when I told you it gets better and better?) I threw the box out and who knows where the damn receipt is located.  *sigh*

And while I'm at it... have you seen the price of faucets?  What the hell is going on here?  Why on this green Earth would I want to pay $400?  For a faucet?  They all do the same thing, right?  Bring water from the same place?  What makes this faucet better than this one?  Or what about this one? In the spirit of full disclosure and honesty, I really don't want to pay $79 for one either, but the less expensive ones... are those cheap-o plastic-y ones.

So how bad would it be to go buy a new faucet, exactly like the one we have now, replacing ours, then taking the old one back in the new package???  Eeep...


  1. Hang in there Christine! We all have days when the mundane routine of life and the unexpected get to us.

    I often feel my weekday routine is quite boring! But, I try to think about all the people and things I am greatful for.

    Living in Grandma's old ranch house I can relate to house issues. They are often untimely too. Think over flowing toilet in the middle of the night while friends are staying with us.

    This morning I woke up covered in feathers! My pillow came apart at the seems overnight. What a mess!


  2. Robyn - Oh my gosh, I got such a smile from your comment! I couldn't help but giggle thinking about waking up covered in feathers!

  3. Dooode, sweah to god... our kitchen faucet just suddenly started moving tonight. When, I tried swinging it from one side of the sink to the other, the whole damn base moved and revealed some, uhhh, unpleasantries underneath.

  4. Dude, same thing happened when we removed our old one... gross stuff was under there.