Oh My Gawd Becky... Look at Her Butt

M'kay... I really am glad that I decided to use cloth diapers.  I was worried in the beginning, but it's super easy.  I feel really good about not putting tons of disposables into landfills.  One thing that is a wide complaint about cloth diapers though is their bulkiness.  Sure enough they are quite a bit bulkier than slim, trim disposables.  It's easy to get around this issue with pants/bottoms by just purchasing one size larger than is necessary.

Before Rowan was born I kind of went on a onesie spree.  I had/have newborn, 0-3 months, and 3-6 months sizes... total amount of "onesies" in her closet before she was even born?  18.  Oops... Another issue I've encountered with onesies and cloth diapers is that the legs get pulled up into her inner thigh and will get bunched up just under the edges of her diaper and then they get wet.  Her diapers aren't leaking, her onesies are getting stuck.

Now that she's gotten bigger, I had a dilemma.  Her onesies still fit her from her waist up, but getting them snapped was becoming a problem.  I didn't want to have to buy more of them so I improvised!

I decided to make a tweak to them by lopping off the snap crotch bottom.  (Did I really just use the word "crotch" in my post???)  Getting that first cut took some courage.  I didn't want to ruin all her clothes!  Once I finally made the cut, I was on a roll.

I simply cut a straight line across the waist, cutting just above the cuff of the leg openings.  Then I turned them all inside out.  Warmed up the ol' iron, by the way this the only action my iron ever sees, and ironed flat a little hem on the bottom.  

This is when I wish that I had a serger to make a nice clean and secure stitch.  Since I don't have that, I just made two rows of straight stitches.

I've never sewn anything with this type of fabric.  I'm still new to sewing period, so I'm not sure if maybe I should have adjusted anything on my sewing machine.  I tried to let the machine pull the fabric along so that I didn't stretch it out while it was stitching.  I knew that would cause unwanted ruffles.  I still got a bit of stretching, but I was still pleased with the overall finish.

Now she has a bunch of shirts that will get more use and she'll be able to show off her super cute cloth diapers!

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