Looking like Dad

I was bored today.  Decided to peruse iTunes for free apps.  I found the Stachematic Camera app.  Funny, funny, funny!  One click and...
I go from looking a lot like my Mom... to looking just like my Dad! 
...and I was photo bombed by one of our cats...

And here we have Rowan...  even with a moustache, she's cute!

You can add staches to everyone or anything in your photos.  Upon further investigation, they also have a Zombiematic app and according to their website a bobble head app coming soon!

I clearly have too much time on my hands.  However, upon redecorating the place (blog), I realized I suck with taking family photos.  I keep saying that I'm going to do it, but it NEVER HAPPENS.  Maybe on Saturday...

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  1. Yep...I definitely see your dad there, haha!

    Ro is rocking that sweet stache, haha!