Halloween 2011

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday.  This year it completely snuck up on me and I didn't put up the first decoration.  Because of this I'm already planning what to do next year.

Since Rowan is only 4 months old, I didn't buy her a costume.  I could have, but she isn't going to remember and she couldn't eat any of the candy.  I did buy her a cute little long sleeve onesie with pumpkins that had "Baby's First Halloween" on the front.  I was beginning to feel a little bad about not buying that first costume until I saw a young couple with a baby who looked even younger than Rowan trick or treating... with the baby.  And only the baby.  ?????  I guess they are going to store that candy until next year??  I wanted to just tell them to go buy a damn bag of candy.  With the exception of a kid who attached himself to our merry little party, Halloween night went well.

Kaia Papaya decided she wanted to be a geisha this year.  Speciffically, Sayuri.  On hind sight I should have practiced on getting the correct make-up several days before.

Neil didn't dress up.  Neil didn't say trick or treat.  Mom was holding in tears.

Ro-baby was snuggled up next to daddy.

Our last stop of the evening?  The local funeral home.  Growing up I lived next door to a funeral home, but I never trick or treated there!

I would regret it forever if I didn't share a couple of photos with you...  First let me tell you that I did try to photograph a few girls who seem to have forgotten half of their clothing, but I had a flash that I may have been arrested for child porn if I did, so I skipped them.  They were clearly too old to be trick or treating and clearly too young to be wearing their hooker outfits in public.

Photo #1:
Oh no she didn't..... 

Photo #2:
Hey!!  It's the Duke boys!!  Thank goodness Mom wasn't dressed like Daisy.
Got to love the General Lee.

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    Got to love those kind of people, though...comedic relief! You should change your FB profile picture to that, though, haha!

    Papaya was sooo cute!! Love it!

    The Duke Boys! Oh my goodness! That was so adorable!!