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It's no secret that I've fallen hard for my iPhone.  I've written no less than 5 blog posts about it.  I get so distracted, obsessed, and confused easily.  So because I love you and I don't want to be all alone in my obsessiveness, I'd like to share a couple of goodies I found with you.

M'kay, so if you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad, then you've already become addicted to Instagram.  Right?  You have, haven't you?  I'm lovin' it!  So quick and easy to use and share photos.  However, if you're friends/family don't have an iPhone/iPod/iPad, they can only see the Instagram images you share with them.  Which is fine, if you want to email or post EVERY SINGLE IMAGE to your Facebook or where-ever.  Found a remedy!!  Introducing...

You simply log in with your Instagram info so there is no need to remember yet another log in name and password.  You get your own URL to share!  Sharing is caring!

Now your friends and family that you want to share your Instagram pics with can see all your mad phone camera skillzzzz.  See?

It's a very handy little site.  Your dashboard shows a nice little grid of your photos (like above) and a nice little grid of photos of the people you are following as well.

Next, we all love to "Instagram" our photos.  Those lovely little pre-sets that colorize and put borders around our photos.  But what if you are actually using a REAL LIVE CAMERA and not your phone?  Guess what??  There's an app action for that!  From World's Best Actions is the Hipsta Mini Set.  Best part?  It's F-R-E-E.  

 I love this action!  You can make every adjustment imaginable with it.  It makes me wish that Instagram had more options for turning on/off frames and filters.  Do you use your phone + apps for photos?  What are some of your favorite apps (camera or other)?

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