Bad Blogger, I Am.

Yoda would never get so behind and neglectful of his blog.  Or the blog reading and commenting of others...  I blame it all on my lack of attention span and my obsessive interest in my new iPhone.  They should change the name to iCrack 'cause if I'm away from it for too long I start having withdrawal symptoms.  Not to mention that November is turning out to be a super busy month for me.  Two dentist appointments, basketball practice 3 days a week, 1 basketball tournament, 9 basketball games (4 home, 5 away), and a 4 month check-up (with.... shots....), plus Thanksgiving.  Eeek...

I have managed to snap a few photos.  I may not have words, but I still have my camera!

First middle school basketball game!  Go #3!

Button up shirts and ties are required on game days when they play somewhere else.

I'm not sure when exactly my son turned into a young man, but I don't like it.  I want him to be my little baby boy forever, but I guess those days are long gone.  I tried to help him get his shirt tucked in this morning and he was all, "Stop Mom... I got this!"  On a side note, Ro-baby is 4 months old today!  Again... where did the time go??

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