And I'm Still A Bad Blogger...

I told myself that I needed to get back to my blog. I shouldn't just abandon it the way I have. She's probably missing me, wondering what she's done to make me not love her. In reality I'm just a lazy blogger. There it is, I've just come out and said it. I'm too busy being a Mom and since I usually have one hand/arm full of baby, it's easier to be mobile with the Internet. I'm thinking that my camera is missing me too. I hope she doesn't get together with my laptop and blog to overthrow my phone!

That being said... Here is my yesterday on Instagram. Do you use Instagram? It's awesome. You can find me, I'm christinebewley. Though I have no idea how to search for people... I'm still new.


  1. To search for peeps you're gonna wanna:
    1. Click your little profile/@christinebewley symbol on the bottom right of your feed screen.
    2. then, you can find your twitter/fb friends or search for someones name or hashtags of something you like to find like-minded likers. Haha.

    If this honestly helped you, I can't believe I knew how to do something before you did, hah!

  2. I actually found a blog post with some good basics of Instagram while searching for ways to use it, but yes ma'am you did indeed know this before me!! You are becoming so Internet savvy!