Looking like Dad

I was bored today.  Decided to peruse iTunes for free apps.  I found the Stachematic Camera app.  Funny, funny, funny!  One click and...
I go from looking a lot like my Mom... to looking just like my Dad! 
...and I was photo bombed by one of our cats...

And here we have Rowan...  even with a moustache, she's cute!

You can add staches to everyone or anything in your photos.  Upon further investigation, they also have a Zombiematic app and according to their website a bobble head app coming soon!

I clearly have too much time on my hands.  However, upon redecorating the place (blog), I realized I suck with taking family photos.  I keep saying that I'm going to do it, but it NEVER HAPPENS.  Maybe on Saturday...

Oh My Gawd Becky... Look at Her Butt

M'kay... I really am glad that I decided to use cloth diapers.  I was worried in the beginning, but it's super easy.  I feel really good about not putting tons of disposables into landfills.  One thing that is a wide complaint about cloth diapers though is their bulkiness.  Sure enough they are quite a bit bulkier than slim, trim disposables.  It's easy to get around this issue with pants/bottoms by just purchasing one size larger than is necessary.

Before Rowan was born I kind of went on a onesie spree.  I had/have newborn, 0-3 months, and 3-6 months sizes... total amount of "onesies" in her closet before she was even born?  18.  Oops... Another issue I've encountered with onesies and cloth diapers is that the legs get pulled up into her inner thigh and will get bunched up just under the edges of her diaper and then they get wet.  Her diapers aren't leaking, her onesies are getting stuck.

Now that she's gotten bigger, I had a dilemma.  Her onesies still fit her from her waist up, but getting them snapped was becoming a problem.  I didn't want to have to buy more of them so I improvised!

I decided to make a tweak to them by lopping off the snap crotch bottom.  (Did I really just use the word "crotch" in my post???)  Getting that first cut took some courage.  I didn't want to ruin all her clothes!  Once I finally made the cut, I was on a roll.

I simply cut a straight line across the waist, cutting just above the cuff of the leg openings.  Then I turned them all inside out.  Warmed up the ol' iron, by the way this the only action my iron ever sees, and ironed flat a little hem on the bottom.  

This is when I wish that I had a serger to make a nice clean and secure stitch.  Since I don't have that, I just made two rows of straight stitches.

I've never sewn anything with this type of fabric.  I'm still new to sewing period, so I'm not sure if maybe I should have adjusted anything on my sewing machine.  I tried to let the machine pull the fabric along so that I didn't stretch it out while it was stitching.  I knew that would cause unwanted ruffles.  I still got a bit of stretching, but I was still pleased with the overall finish.

Now she has a bunch of shirts that will get more use and she'll be able to show off her super cute cloth diapers!

Winning by Pinning {Thanksgiving Edition}

Lord knows I have to set myself a timer BEFORE I navigate my browser in the direction of Pinterest.  I could spend an entire day (or month) on that site.  It's like a never-ending love affair with all things interesting and, for me the most bestest of things... distracting!  Since this week here in the US is the wondrously indulgent holiday of Thanksgiving, I decided to do a little search on da Pinterest.  Which brought up a gazillion and one recipes for all things turkey, pumpkin, and green bean.  And that reminded me that I haven't done a post about food.. in  a very long, long, time.  Oops.  I guess I better get on that. Until then though... let's check out some yummy looking Thanksgiving-esque food. EDITED: Added a recipe yesterday!

pumpkin praline trifle found here

pumpkin fudge found here

classic libby's pumpkin roll found here

apple cidercar found here

pumpkin pie cinnamon buns with caramel cream cheese frosting found here

Uhh... looking back on this post maybe I should have called this the "Pumpkin Edition".  Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Sticky Buns for Breakfast

Pre-baked goodness...
One of the many things that I'm crushing on Pinterest for is the ability to find a plethora of recipes.  Recipes for just about anything you might want to cook, bake, broil, fry, and eat.  This week is full of people cooking turkey, dressing/stuffing, pumpkin pies and all things Thanksgiving dinner related.  But what about Thanksgiving breakfast?  Oooo do I have the PERFECT recipe for you.

Found on Pinterest, this recipe for sticky buns is so super easy and oh my gaaawwwd yummy.

Breakfast Sticky Buns
via All Things Delicious
Print it here!!

Here's what y'all need:

-1 tube of the large biscuits, think Pillsbury Grands biscuits (I used Great Value brand buttermilk biscuits)
-3 Tbsp butter, melted
-1/2 C syrup
-1/3 C brown sugar, packed
-1/2 tsp cinnamon
-1/4 C chopped pecans, optional (I used these)
-1/4 C chopped almonds, optional

 Here's how y'all make it:

-Spray a bundt pan with some non-stick cooking spray (or do like my Mama taught me and give it a thin coating of Crisco!).  In a bowl, mix together the butter and syrup, set aside.  In a separate bowl, stir together the brown sugar, cinnamon, and nuts (if ya want 'em).

-Pour half of the syrup/butter mix into the pan, then sprinkle half of the sugar/cinnamon/nut mix on top of that.  Next, lay the biscuits on top of the mix, making sure that the sides overlap each other (like a wreath).  Pour the rest of the syrup/butter mix, followed by the rest of the sugar/cinnamon/nut mix on top of the biscuits.

-Bake in a 375F oven for 20 minutes (or until they are golden brown, I had to cook mine for 22 mins.).  Remove from oven and let it sit for a few minutes before inverting on a dish.

This was so easy! Perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas morning when you want something warm and yummy, but you don't want to spend all of your time in the kitchen.  They were just sweet enough to be called "sticky buns", but not so much that you (or your kids) will be bouncing off the walls.

Click, Click

It's no secret that I've fallen hard for my iPhone.  I've written no less than 5 blog posts about it.  I get so distracted, obsessed, and confused easily.  So because I love you and I don't want to be all alone in my obsessiveness, I'd like to share a couple of goodies I found with you.

M'kay, so if you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad, then you've already become addicted to Instagram.  Right?  You have, haven't you?  I'm lovin' it!  So quick and easy to use and share photos.  However, if you're friends/family don't have an iPhone/iPod/iPad, they can only see the Instagram images you share with them.  Which is fine, if you want to email or post EVERY SINGLE IMAGE to your Facebook or where-ever.  Found a remedy!!  Introducing...

You simply log in with your Instagram info so there is no need to remember yet another log in name and password.  You get your own URL to share!  Sharing is caring!

Now your friends and family that you want to share your Instagram pics with can see all your mad phone camera skillzzzz.  See?

It's a very handy little site.  Your dashboard shows a nice little grid of your photos (like above) and a nice little grid of photos of the people you are following as well.

Next, we all love to "Instagram" our photos.  Those lovely little pre-sets that colorize and put borders around our photos.  But what if you are actually using a REAL LIVE CAMERA and not your phone?  Guess what??  There's an app action for that!  From World's Best Actions is the Hipsta Mini Set.  Best part?  It's F-R-E-E.  

 I love this action!  You can make every adjustment imaginable with it.  It makes me wish that Instagram had more options for turning on/off frames and filters.  Do you use your phone + apps for photos?  What are some of your favorite apps (camera or other)?

This is going to sound like...

a broken record.  I have not been posting like I should.  Like I want to be posting.  There is so much going on, yet nothing really.  We're busy with basketball, band, and the like.  Mostly I'm busy with the baby during the day and how many posts about changing diapers and breastfeeding can one really stand.  

I mean... I could post every day about the mundane happenings around here, but my life is no where near as exciting as some bloggers lives seem to be.  For example, I could tell you about the faucet.  The one in the kitchen that we just replaced a couple of months ago after living with a cheap-o plastic-y one for the past 2.5 years.  The one that randomly started to leak two nights ago.  Not just dripping, but trickling... then running.  To beat it all, it was the frickin' HOT water too.  At 8:30pm-ish, my husband had to go outside and shut off the main water because (it just gets better and better) the kitchen sink is the only water source in the house that DOESN'T have shut off valves inside the house.  Go check this in your own kitchen right now.  If you don't have shut off valves... put it on your honey-do list.  Eventually, after about an hour of me listening to the hubs rant, rave, and cuss at a kitchen faucet, we got it down to a mere drip.  Of course, (remember when I told you it gets better and better?) I threw the box out and who knows where the damn receipt is located.  *sigh*

And while I'm at it... have you seen the price of faucets?  What the hell is going on here?  Why on this green Earth would I want to pay $400?  For a faucet?  They all do the same thing, right?  Bring water from the same place?  What makes this faucet better than this one?  Or what about this one? In the spirit of full disclosure and honesty, I really don't want to pay $79 for one either, but the less expensive ones... are those cheap-o plastic-y ones.

So how bad would it be to go buy a new faucet, exactly like the one we have now, replacing ours, then taking the old one back in the new package???  Eeep...

Want to See Something...


I'm chilling' at my mom's apartment today and found some hilarious photos. So funny, in fact, that I can't wait until I get home to blog about them. Reason number 857 why I love my new phone!

My Babies

I wish I had known more about cameras and photography years ago. Even in the pre-digital age, I could have done so much better. I had no idea their lives would move so quickly. I'm trying to make up for it now by taking photos constantly. To the point, where they just wish I'd put the damn camera down.

Neil in 2000

Kaia in 2001

Rowan, a couple of days ago

When I was looking through our albums, I was really struck by the amount of hair that Kaia appears to have in her baby photos.  I DO NOT remember her having that much hair as a baby!  It has also made me sad.  Sad because there is so much that I know now that I didn't know then.  I know "Hindsight is 20/20." and all that, but dang...  I wish I had done this and I wish I had done that.  I'm trying to move past this, but it's still a bummer.  Another bummer?  No video camera.  We used to have one, but it used little mini DV tapes and the battery life was practically nonexistent.  I'm already dropping hints about getting a new one to the husband.  Anybody else not realize how much they would miss or how fast it would go?

And I'm Still A Bad Blogger...

I told myself that I needed to get back to my blog. I shouldn't just abandon it the way I have. She's probably missing me, wondering what she's done to make me not love her. In reality I'm just a lazy blogger. There it is, I've just come out and said it. I'm too busy being a Mom and since I usually have one hand/arm full of baby, it's easier to be mobile with the Internet. I'm thinking that my camera is missing me too. I hope she doesn't get together with my laptop and blog to overthrow my phone!

That being said... Here is my yesterday on Instagram. Do you use Instagram? It's awesome. You can find me, I'm christinebewley. Though I have no idea how to search for people... I'm still new.

Bad Blogger, I Am.

Yoda would never get so behind and neglectful of his blog.  Or the blog reading and commenting of others...  I blame it all on my lack of attention span and my obsessive interest in my new iPhone.  They should change the name to iCrack 'cause if I'm away from it for too long I start having withdrawal symptoms.  Not to mention that November is turning out to be a super busy month for me.  Two dentist appointments, basketball practice 3 days a week, 1 basketball tournament, 9 basketball games (4 home, 5 away), and a 4 month check-up (with.... shots....), plus Thanksgiving.  Eeek...

I have managed to snap a few photos.  I may not have words, but I still have my camera!

First middle school basketball game!  Go #3!

Button up shirts and ties are required on game days when they play somewhere else.

I'm not sure when exactly my son turned into a young man, but I don't like it.  I want him to be my little baby boy forever, but I guess those days are long gone.  I tried to help him get his shirt tucked in this morning and he was all, "Stop Mom... I got this!"  On a side note, Ro-baby is 4 months old today!  Again... where did the time go??

Shades of Autumn {Purple}

I just got around to posting last week's Red challenge on Monday so I feel like I'm lumping them together in a way.  At least I didn't have to go shopping to find this week's color!

I planted these zinnias last year and wasn't sure they would come back this year.  They did, but in random places and they didn't bloom until late in the Summer.  Some are still blooming now!  Like the one above. 

Every Fall these sedum break out in these cute purple flowers.  It's like they have their Spring and Fall confused!

Previous challenges:

Upcoming challenges:
{Brown} - November 11th
{White} - November 18th
Shades of Autumn Finale - November 25th

Halloween 2011

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday.  This year it completely snuck up on me and I didn't put up the first decoration.  Because of this I'm already planning what to do next year.

Since Rowan is only 4 months old, I didn't buy her a costume.  I could have, but she isn't going to remember and she couldn't eat any of the candy.  I did buy her a cute little long sleeve onesie with pumpkins that had "Baby's First Halloween" on the front.  I was beginning to feel a little bad about not buying that first costume until I saw a young couple with a baby who looked even younger than Rowan trick or treating... with the baby.  And only the baby.  ?????  I guess they are going to store that candy until next year??  I wanted to just tell them to go buy a damn bag of candy.  With the exception of a kid who attached himself to our merry little party, Halloween night went well.

Kaia Papaya decided she wanted to be a geisha this year.  Speciffically, Sayuri.  On hind sight I should have practiced on getting the correct make-up several days before.

Neil didn't dress up.  Neil didn't say trick or treat.  Mom was holding in tears.

Ro-baby was snuggled up next to daddy.

Our last stop of the evening?  The local funeral home.  Growing up I lived next door to a funeral home, but I never trick or treated there!

I would regret it forever if I didn't share a couple of photos with you...  First let me tell you that I did try to photograph a few girls who seem to have forgotten half of their clothing, but I had a flash that I may have been arrested for child porn if I did, so I skipped them.  They were clearly too old to be trick or treating and clearly too young to be wearing their hooker outfits in public.

Photo #1:
Oh no she didn't..... 

Photo #2:
Hey!!  It's the Duke boys!!  Thank goodness Mom wasn't dressed like Daisy.
Got to love the General Lee.