Oy... this is gonna hurt...

I've given up drinking cokes y'all.  Or sodas. Or pop. Or whatever you call it in your neck of the woods.  You know I found this fun little site on The Pinterest that shows what people generally call that sugary concoction across the country.  Click that image over there to be blow away... ok, so it's not that mind blowing, but it's a fun little do-dad.  Do you notice how most of the Southeast portion of our great nation calls it "Coke"?  I think, and this is just my opinion, that we call it "Coke" because the great Coca-Cola is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  It's almost not possible to be more southern than Atlanta... unless you go to Savannah.

As of October 1st, no more carbonated beverage for me.  I've done this before, for Lent.  I'm not that religious though, just had a few friends who were and they challenged me to give up something for 40 days.  One of them gave up pork, the other gave up sweet tea.  I flat refuse to give up the sweet tea.  Or the coffee.  It's not the caffeine that I'm trying to avoid.  As a breastfeeding mom, I only have one cup of coffee a day, and on the average 2 glasses of sweet tea.  It's the empty calories.  One can has around 160 calories in it.  A 20 ounce bottle is usually around twice that.

No, the real reason is that while I might pretty darn close to my pre-pregnancy weight, I am far from my pre-pregnancy body.  And by "pre-pregnancy" I mean... oh about 12 years ago.  Let's face it, all three of these kids contributed to mess that is my butt, thighs, and belly.  I can't lay complete blame on them though.  Much as I'd like too.  I'm to blame for not exercising as I should.  Or eating as healthy either.  I have no will power.  If you put a piece of cake in front of me, I WILL eat it.  My stomach out votes my damn brain every time!

So I am on a mission of utmost importance.  Giving up cokes is only the first little step.  I must now do what seems damn near impossible and get myself motivated.  I'm not looking to lose weight, I'm looking to lose inches.  I want to be a better me.  Of course, I am always open to suggestions and ideas to make this a more pleasant experience.

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