What I Did... when I wasn't here.

Saturday was a fun filled day for us.  We traveled to Hopkinsville to visit the annual Trail of Tears Pow Wow at the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park.  Even though the reason behind the park is tragic, it's a wonderful event that is educational as well as enjoyable.

I was worried about Rowan's little ears with the drums and chanting, but she wasn't bothered and quieted right down.  Eventually falling asleep in my wrap.  There were dance competitions and when everyone started to look tired, the MC invited everyone into the circle to dance.  Kaia really wanted to take part, but couldn't get anyone to go with her.  I finally convinced her to go by offering to hold her glasses for her.  She really loved those glasses when she first got them.  Now she doesn't wear them at all. Every morning is a competition to see if she can get out the door without me noticing that she's not wearing them. She was glad to have done it after I encouraged her and I got a kick out of seeing her do it. There were a lot of vendors selling handmade items including arrowheads and dream catchers. In the food court they were serving ginormous smoked turkey legs, but there were a 1,000,000 people in that line. I opted for a Sprite and some popcorn. The line was shorter. Go figure.

Pow Wow

After visiting the grave site of Edgar Cayce, we made our way to the benefit for a friend of the family, Josh. Josh was in an auto accident the same morning that Rowan was born.  He has been in the trauma unit and a rehabilitation hospital in Nashville ever since.  The benefit was held at the local Saddle Club.  I should have known better than to take Kaia to a saddle club.  We hadn't even pulled in and she was in awe of all the horses.  Immediately she wanted to ride one, but not just a regular "pony ride".  She wanted to ride in the fenced in muddy area.  Alone.  Um...  no.  First off, she's never ridden a horse alone before.  Second, she's never ridden anything bigger than your average county fair pony.  These were HORSES.  Fully grown, two feet taller than me horses.  She was not afraid.  Thirdly, I didn't know any of these people.

Hey there!

She eventually sweet talked her way onto one of a plethora of horses wandering around. He was a sweetie. No, she didn't get to ride full throttle in the fenced in area, but she was happy to settle for a few hand led laps around the field. *shoo (wiping brow)*  All together the supper and auction went well and lots of money was raised.

Benefit for Josh

I can't even list all of the items that were donated for the auction. They ranged from spa visits to grandfather clocks to mums. Green is the color for Brain Trauma victims so there was a virtual sea of green around the place.  Always take time for those you love, anything can happen at any time.

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