What do rabbit ears and aluminum foil have in common?

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We all (well most of us anyway!) remember having to wad up a ball of aluminum foil to stick on the ends of those rabbit ear antennas to get better reception on our TV's.  Inevitably the signal would come in perfectly when you were standing on one foot with your arms flailing in every direction, but as soon as you let go the screen would go fuzzy again.  The invention of cable/satellite TV remedied that.  However, now you have to pay for all those programs that you were getting for free.

When all stations "went digital" with their signals, we bought a converter box.  We didn't need one because we've had satellite for years, but we bought one anyway.  Because eventually it's going to rain or a thick cloud is going to travel past my house and I'll lose my satellite signal right as soon as I NEED it because there is a tornado barreling toward me and I need to see the radar on the local news.

Well, no more.  We've gone old school.  I'd love to say it's because of some need to stick it to the man, but in reality it's because we can not afford to pay for satellite anymore.  Our plan was costing us $80 a month.  Eighty freakin' dollars, every freakin' month.  That's nearly $1,000 a year.  Ridiculous.  I sat down and went over the shows that we watch every week.  Most of them are on one of the networks.  The networks that broadcast for free.  Why were we paying for free stuff?  Let's face it, we are a family of 5 living on one income.  Our budget is already stretched past it's limits.  Wayyyy past it's limits.

Sure I'm missing some of my favorite shows.  Several shows are available to view online the week after they air.  Some aren't available.  I do miss them, but in the end I tell myself, "I am saving $80 freakin' dollars every month now."  Aren't all those commercials that bombard our screens every 10-15 minutes supposed to pay for TV?  Why are we having to pay crazy amounts of money for satellite or cable TV?

Do you have cable or satellite?  How do you watch your favorite shows?

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