Diaper FAIL!

While we cloth diaper 95% of the time, I still do disposables at night. I just haven't been brave enough to try cloth yet. Rowan usually only wakes up once a night. The thought of having to change her diaper in the middle of the night and waking her completely up is what is really holding me back. However... a few nights ago I changed her diaper, put on her pajamas, fed her and put her to bed. Only to have it dawn on me a few hours later that I had put cloth on her instead of the usual disposable.  I wasn't willing to go wake her back up just to change her, I figured she'd be alright.

So this is what happened when at about 2:30am, a half asleep mother undressed her wet baby, changed her diaper, fed her, put her back to bed... then laughed a few hours later when she realized that she only halfheartedly put that diaper on the poor little thing...

UPDATED:  5-11-12: I noticed through my "Stats" that this image and post was linked to when someone searched "baby that was left in her diaper for 13 hours".  I AM HORRIFIED!!  I most certainly did not leave my baby in this diaper for 13 hours.  In fact, she'd only been in it for 4 hours at the most.  How something as horrible as leaving a baby in a diaper for that long ever got associated with my blog I will never know, but for the record.... this never happened to my child.  EVER. 

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