Already Done Wrong

You would think already having two children, I would have known better than to go down this path.  Alas, I've gone there.

We didn't have a bassinet so we purchased a play yard instead.  I was thinking of getting the most use out of the money we were spending.  Rowan is a month and a half old now and we've let her sleep in the play yard at night and for naps.  Our room is far from the girl's room and since she shares a room with her older sister, I didn't want Kaia to be awakened a few times a night.  Hence sleeping in the room with us...  See where I've already gone wrong here?  I should have only been letting her nap in the play yard and sleeping at night in her crib.

Rowan copyThe past couple of days I've tried to get her to gradually take a nap in her crib.  Just one nap during the day in the hope that she will start to sleep there at night.  She WILL NOT sleep in that crib!  It is a bit strange because I have to lean over so much farther to get her to the bottom of the play yard!  Attempt after attempt has been made to gently place her in the crib without waking her.  I've utterly failed.  I should never have allowed her to sleep consistently in the play yard.  It's convenient for me, but in the end, it's not working.

I did try to let her cry a bit before going to her.  Just to see if she would ease herself back to sleep, but after 15 minutes of screaming, I can't bare it any longer and will go pick her up.  She immediately goes to sleep in my arms.  I don't know why I thought this whole process was going to be easy.  I guess because she's only 7 weeks old I thought she wouldn't notice.  She noticed... oh boy did she notice.

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