It's the Neverending Birthday...

So yesterday was all about our trip to the aquarium.  We did other stuff before and after that too.  My Pop has been here since Rowan was born.  We didn't want him to leave, but he actually had to go back to work.  The nerve of those people!  Thinking that 2 weeks was long enough for him to spend time with his grandchildren!  What were they thinking??  He had to leave on Saturday afternoon so for her birthday we took her out to eat at the restaurant of her choice.

If you have a Cheddar's anywhere near you, I highly recommend them!  They're food is always good, reasonably priced, and the staff is very friendly.

While waiting for the boys to get in the car, Kaia and I had a little fun...

The best snapshots are the ones that are not perfect.  

Yesterday (Monday) was the BIG DAY!  For a couple of weeks, she said that all she wanted on her birthday was to spend the day with her Daddy.  He surprised her by taking the day off of work!  She was really excited!  They went to Starbuck's because she LOVES their Vanilla Bean, the mall because duh (!!!) she's a girl, and to the arcade where she promptly kicked her Daddy's behind in air hockey!

While they were gone I baked her a cake.  She picked out a Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Decadent cake mix.  It was super yummy and super chocolate-y!  All together she said it was the best birthday!

By the way, the storyboards that I used yesterday and today were FREE and you can get them too!  Just visit The CoffeeShop Blog here.

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