The Reason We Get Along

Have you ever had so many words in your head that you worry they might accidentally just come rushing out?  I've always had, what I call, a brain/mouth malfunction.  I say what I'm thinking before I think about what I'm thinking.  It's like the path way from my brain to my mouth has no speed limit or regular law enforcement.  I've been trying to get a hold on it for a while now.  Trying to take that count to 10, take a deep breath approach.  Sometimes it works... most times it doesn't.

This is why I am so thankful for having a husband who is my best friend.  He does such a great job of feigning interest in my rants.  Knows just when to nod his head, when to say yes, I agree or the like.  His typical response is usually, "Don't worry about it." or "Just ignore it".  HE is my brain/mouth law enforcer.  He's also helping me remember that sometimes it's best just to fo-get-aboudit...

While I didn't blather on yesterday about what a great father/provider he is... (I posted about awesome no-bake cookies instead...)  I'm declaring today Brain/Mouth Law Enforcement day.  And he has been crowned my King.

Catfish Festival Parade - June 2010

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