Swimmin' in Ponds and Peeing Your Pants

Grain bins of my childhood | South Union, KY | Nelly Nero's Summer Vintage action (fast becoming my favorite action!)

This weekend was awesome!  It went by way too fast, but I enjoyed very nearly every minute of it!  A few weeks ago an old friend of mine contacted me via Facebook saying that she and her sister were planning to infiltrate her Momma's house.  She lives in Virginia and her sister lives in Arkansas and the whole family hadn't been together in about 15 years.  They needed a paparazzi.  It was supposed to be a surprise that I was coming, but once Momma Lynne found out everyone (brothers, sisters, grandkids, etc.) were coming, she was pretty insistent that they go have portraits made.  So.... no more secret!

Saturday was spent pretty much eating grilled hot dogs, brats, and burgers, swimming and fishing in ponds, doing hourly tick checks, and catching up with my two oldest friends.  Literally, I mean we were trying to decide just how long we had known each other and it turns out that it's before any of us can remember.  Either that means it's been a really long time or we're just getting old.  I'd like to go with the first option, thanks.  Surprisingly, all the kids got along better than expected!  Especially for never meeting each other before.  They hit it off great and were truckin' it through the woods and creeks looking for lizards and frogs before we knew it!  Suddenly Kaia has "cousins" she didn't know about and is planning her own trips back to the farm and to Arkansas.

Sunday I was so tired I didn't really want to get out of bed.  Mind you... I didn't actually DO anything on Saturday, but I had a long day of converting oxygen to carbon dioxide so...  The prospect of getting out of the house without any kids and splurging on some Starbucks coffee got me motivated though!  Another friend and I hit up the matinee to see "Bridesmaids".  It was HILARIOUS!  Everything that I had heard didn't even prepare me.  You've got to go see this.  And bring some Kleenex.  Not because it's a tear jerker, but because you'll be laughin' so hard you'll be crying.  I'd tell you that I laughed so hard that I peed my pants, but coughing/sneezing/giggling/and breathing make me do that at this point.  However, if you aren't like 8 and 3/4 months pregnant, you still might pee your pants!

You have been warned.

**Coffee photo | Nelly Nero's Summer of '69 and I Fake Film actions!

** Can you tell that I'm really LOVING Nelly Nero's actions at this point?!

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