I was actually excited about what is normally a mundane trip to the doctor's office this morning.  At last week's visit he told me that I'd already effaced 60% and had managed to dilate to a measly 1cm.  I thought FOR SURE that after all the walking, moving, shaking, and laughing I did this weekend that I would have made it to at least 3cm.


Barely moved in the thinning out department (now at 70%-ish) and no change at all in the dilated department.  No. Change.  Blah...  I'm trying to tell myself that she's just hanging out 'cause for some reason she doesn't want to put up with her siblings, but really I think she might just be procrastinating like her Momma.  I'm a procrastinator extraordinaire.  Good to know she's already taking after me though...

On the GD front, I have my 4th glucose test on Friday.  The 2nd three hour test of this pregnancy.  I asked the doc about that.  I wanted to know just how bad my blood sugar levels were.  I was greatly relieved when he told me they weren't actually bad, but just above what they would consider "normal".  He told me that I shouldn't worry, but just stick to the diet as best I could.  He told me he knows how hard it can be.

I have been trying people.  I really, REALLY, have.  That Starbucks I had on Sunday was their "light" version.  I didn't even know they offered light versions of their drinks, but they do.  They use sugar free syrup, low fat milk, and will forego the whipped cream if you ask.  Makes me love their overpriced coffee even more!  I've made sure to eat more fruits and veggies and I'm making a big effort to stay away from all things full of refined sugars.  I've even stopped buying the good cereal.  I'm now forcing my children to eat things like Wheaties and Raisin Bran.  They aren't happy with me, but they're eating it.

So that's where we are...  Thursday will be the start of week 38.  I keep thinking about my 1st daughter.  She was two weeks early.  At this time in her pregnancy, I had already dilated to 3-4cm and had been that way for a week.  We even went camping for a week to try to speed things up.  She came in her own time and I guess this little one will do the same.

This will possibly be the longest 2 weeks EVER.

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