The Rest of Sunday

After we got rained out of a super fabulous open house at hubs' work, we decided to take a little side trip by the good ol' Green River.

We have no railroad lines through Butler County so for most of the history of our county, the Green River was the main way of travel.  The Army Corps of Engineers established several locks and dams to aid in navigation of the Green River.  In 1965, Lock and Dam #4 in Woodbury failed and Lock and Dam #3 (Rochester Dam) was abandoned by the ACoE in 1980.  The river is still navigable up to that point and used by the coal industry of Muhlenburg County.  Many Kentuckians earn a living through this industry and many support it.  For the record, I am not a fan of coal.  It is a non-renewable energy resource and it destroys more than it creates.

Part of the lock wall.

As much as I really wanted to jump this fence for some better pictures, the sign kind of scared me a little.

This was part of a retaining wall next to the lock waters.  I loved how you could still see the marks left by the tools that had shaped them.

At the top of the hill is the 1912 and 1913 Superintendents' Houses.  The 1912 house is now used as the Green River Museum while the 1913 house is currently being renovated.  Not only does it house history of Woodbury and the Green River, but also of Butler County.  It is only open on Saturday's and I'm going to return soon to get a tour.

This is the 1913 house.  I love it!  Just behind the house (on the right of this photo) is the old smoke house.  And there is even an old brick out house too!  Those windows at the top, the wrap around porch... wait until you see the view!


The little outcrop of stone to the right of the image is where I was standing when I took the first photo shown in this post.  That is the exit doors of the old lock.  The river levels are a little higher than normal due to the recent flooding and heavy rain fall, but where you see a few sprigs of grass/trees/bushes sticking out of the water (just before the river begins to turn) is where the old dam is located.  

I'm really excited about the weather finally warming up some so I can get out and start taking in some green scenery!  If you know me, then you know I love learning about the history of where I am so I can't wait to get out of the house and find some history to capture!

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