Shoo... it's H-O-T!

L to R: Smoke, Mumu, and Moooostache (almost 2 months old!)

It's been so hot here!  I think we skipped right over the wet part of Spring into the HOTTEST part of Summer.  I feel like little Mumu in the middle of the photo.  Stick a fork in me... I am done!

We attended my husband's cousin's graduation yesterday at our old high school.  If felt so strange being there again after 14 years.  Then I realized it had been 14 years and nearly broke down in tears.  When I tell you that it was as hot as Hell in there, I mean the devil walked out and said, "D-A-A-A-M-N, it's hot in here!"  No amount of fanning with the program would help either.  To make matters worse, people were just getting up and leaving after their family members name was called!  At the exact moment that Joshua was getting his diploma and I was snapping that ever important moment....

Oh looky.... a stoooo-pid little girl walked right in front of me.  I was less than happy.  There were four of us trying to snap that image and NONE of us got one.  The sad part was the photographer who was selling photo packages wanted $10 for ONE 4 x 5 print of your graduate getting handed their diploma.  There was no way that I, or any of our family, was going to pay that much for a picture that you can get developed yourself for less than a dollar.  Talk about a rip off!

And just to keep it random around here...  I leave you with preggo belly pics!

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