Cinco de Mayo

I have been a terrible blogger lately!  Between baseball meetings, baseball games, and just being pregnant and not wanting to do anything, I haven't had much to write about here.  Speaking of being pregnant...  this week is 30 weeks!  Just 10 more weeks to go!  At the doctor's appointment yesterday I had only gained 1 pound since my last appointment 3 weeks ago, but I've gained about 10 pounds total.  It was around this time with both of my other pregnancies that I really began to gain weight.  Now I'm down to going to the doctor every 2 weeks.  I can't believe I'm so close to my due date!!

The flooding in our area has been ridiculous.  Seriously ridiculous.  The Army Corps of Engineers even blew up the Birds Point levee to save the town of Cairo, Ill.  Except in doing so, they flooded more than 130,000 acres of farmland and 100+ homes.  It seems to me this was always going to be a LOSE - LOSE situation.

Image taken from article on

And since we are on the subject of Kentucky... it's Derby Weekend y'all!  Do you have your supply of good ol' Kentucky bourbon?  Made your pick for the winning horse?  Placed your bets?  What about your Derby hat?  You simply MUST have a Derby hat!  Just don't wear anything like.... whatever the hell this was...

Image from..... well, I just Google'd it.

Royal or not, this isn't even acceptable in the back country of Kentucky.  Poor girl...

My derby horse pick?  Twinspired!


  1. Sorry to hear about the flooding, that looks absolutely awful.

    Got a great laugh about the hat though! I haven't picked my horse yet. ☺

  2. The flooding's bad here too. Thankfully, we're all ok. Scary stuff!