Spring Weather is on my Last Nerve

Mmm'kay....  so this particular stoooopid Spring squall line of funktastic rain came though our area round about 11pm.  AND LASTED UNTIL ABOUT 2am.

This image isn't mine and was originally posted here.  I live to the West of Bowling Green.  Right where that beautiful red/orange color is hovering.  Between winds that were blowing around 50+ mph (gusting to 70+ mph) and the heavy rains there was no possible way of getting a good night of sleep.

Can we not just skip on through this dangerous weather and get to the good stuff?  I shouldn't complain though.  We had no tornadoes here (that have been confirmed) and very little damage.  I know, I know... April showers, May flowers and all that jazz, but would it kill Mother Nature to show up at a more reasonable hour?  Seriously.


  1. Ash said it was terrible there last night...hope you guys get some good weather soon!

    Preferably when I come up there, haha!

  2. Horrible storms are rolling through here as I type this. I don't remember spring ever being quite this bad in the past. Geesh!