Post It Note Tuesday

What up, y'all?!?  It's Post It Tuesday again!  Make your stickies here and join up at ONLY Parent CHRONICLES!

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  1. I agree about the gas prices, totally ridiculous! I go to work to pay for gas.. WHAT?! So much for trips to the beach and little summer getaways, how can you afford to drive anywhere!?

    New follower this week from Post-It Note Tuesday!!

    Please feel free to stop by my blog... I have a free giveaway going on right now!! :)

    Have a great day!

  2. I know when I was pregnant with my twin boys I had a time with my feet swelling. I feel for you, I hope they go down.
    I hate the gas prices also. Almost getting to the point, you need a loan just to get gas.

  3. i have to hike to save up for fare :D
    my!i wonder if this will ever end..if gas prices continue to rise then i'll be skinny for life..tsk!tsk!
    have a great day :)

  4. I paid $47 to fill up my Cavalier yesterday. Ridiculous!

  5. Don't even get me started on gas prices... I drive a hybrid and I spent $60 yesterday to fill 'er up! Ouch!!

    Stopping by from PINT.

  6. HI Christine~ Thanks for dropping by my blog.. I love the simplicity of your blog! It's so cozy in here..

    And the gas price...! wow... that was such an increase at that short period of time!

  7. Thanks for stopping by!

    I have a 45 minute commute to work and the gas prices are killing me. I want to cry every time I go to the gas station.

  8. Dropping by from PINT. Gas prices are ridiculous. Also, the swelling is ridiculous too! My hands got SO swollen in my pregnancy!

  9. Gas prices are definitely out of control. Thanks for linking up today!

  10. I try to not to look as I fill up the gas tank. Luckily hubby has a short commute and I stay at home.

    Happy Tuesday!

  11. the rise of gas price always brings trouble to everyone...i think this will end when everybody stop using vehicles, which is very impossible