Let's Get Serious

I usually try to keep everything light around here, but this story has honestly scared the shit out of me.

This woman, Kathy Coy, shown in this photo with her husband and children, looks like the typical loving wife and mother. She is from the SAME TOWN where I currently live.  She is currently being accused of brutally murdering Jamie Stice, a 21 year old, 8 month pregnant woman that she had befriended.

Image from Daily Mail article
The details of the case were revealed in court yesterday.  The victim had been tased with a stun gun.  Her hands bound with zip ties.  Her wrists slashed.  Her throat cut.  Disemboweled and her unborn child cut from her.

Coy was caught because she showed up last Wednesday at the hospital with the child (including placenta) saying that the baby was hers.  Doctors and nurses quickly realized that the child was not hers and called the authorities.  It was also revealed that she had previously asked her children if they would help her perform a crime.

Who in the world is this woman?!?  I know that we are supposed to believe she is "innocent until proven guilty", but...

I CAN NOT shake the feeling that this could easily have been me.  Or any other pregnant woman in this area for that matter.  This is a fairly rural community.  Small town America at it's finest.  Most days I don't even have my doors locked.  Now I do.  Something this horrific is simply unheard of here.  It is scary and horrible taking place anywhere, but to have it so very close to home... mind blowing.

We should all take the time to really look at who is around us, who we "friend" on Facebook, who we open our doors too.  I send all my thoughts and prayers to the family of Jamie Stice and little baby Isaiah.

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  1. What a horrible story. There are truly evil people in this world.

  2. Jesus...that's horrific.

    I read this earlier, but my mind revolted and made me click off.

    Love you, Shiny...

  3. People need Jesus. I just don't get some people.