This photo could sum up my entire weekend.  Sunny, beautiful, and full of life.

I'm so glad that it's finally warmed up around here.  However I guess Mother Nature decided to just completely bypass Spring and roll right on into Summer!  The temperatures have been in the high 80's (F) all weekend.  I kept repeating to myself that I would not complain.... but I complained anyway.

Baseball was the high point of the weekend.  As usual this time of year, we are at the mercy of this Spring sport.  Our daughter has already decided after just two games that she doesn't want to continue with soccer, but since there are only 4 more games, she's going to suck it up and play.  The boys had a scrimmage game on Saturday.  I thought that it was going to get rained out, but just as most Spring showers happen, this one came and went quickly and the sun returned to make it a perfect day.  Except I was too lazy to shave my legs and worn blue jeans and sweated my ass off....

Speaking of shaving and legs...  Saturday night I noticed that my hands and feet were feeling a bit swollen.  I thought it was because I was out in the sun most of the day on Saturday with the baseball team.  I kicked my feet up and made sure to drink water.  Sunday was no better though and I've even developed the pregnancy cankle.  Oh... joy...  I'm hoping that the swelling will go down enough to show that I do actually have an ankle bone somewhere.  At least by Wednesday when I go for my monthly check up and the dreaded glucose test. Another joy that I'm looking forward too.

I hope everyone had a weekend that was beautiful and full of excitement and joy as well!

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