My Not So SUPER Moon

I really wanted to get some SUPER cool shots of the SUPER moon. Several factors prevented this from happening.

1. I have no tripod. *Note to self: GET A DAMN TRIPOD!
2. It was sort of cloudy.
3. There was a church building in the way.
4. Did I mention that I have no tripod?

I guess because it was nearly a full hour past moon rise time that we finally caught a glimpse of the moon that it didn't look that spectacular to me. I will fully admit that it did seem brighter than a normal full moon, but it didn't seem any bigger.

Of all the photos, this one singular image is the best I could do.  I was disgusted with myself and the way the photos turned out.  I did no editing to the above image except to add a watermark because I didn't resize.  Were you able to get good images of the super moon?  Any tips or good tricks to getting those great moon shots?

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