Finally Friday!

Random thoughts:

*Woooooooooo!!!!  I'm so excited that it's finally the weekend!  I had no idea just how lazy I had become until I decided to work/volunteer at the school Book Fair all this week (except for today).  I'm so worn out and tired!  But I had a ton of fun and I really enjoyed helping the kids find the books they wanted.

*I have been so lax in my updating of the Project 365.  I bow my head in shame.  I think in the last week I've missed 3 or 4 days.  I did update the page this morning, but there were more entries of "D'OH!" then I cared for.  I really have to get back into the groove of taking photos.

*I've been really bummed by the fact that the winner of the giveaway hasn't contacted me in any way, shape, or form.  I know from her blog that her mother has been hospitalized and not doing well, however, she has had time to email another blogger to tell her how excited she was (and I ended up having to get her address from that blogger because she didn't return my emails), comment, and write her own posts.  I even extended the contact time because I knew her mom had been in the hospital.  I haven't even been contacted to confirm delivery of the item though I know it was delivered on the 7th.  It's just not been a good experience with my first giveaway.  I know I sound like a bitch.  I feel like I'm being a bitch, but a simple "thank you" would have made all the difference.

*I found the cutest humidifiers at!  Made by Crane, they are in the shape of colorful animals.  There is an elephant, duck, dragon, cow, even Hello Kitty and others.  If you need to buy one, these are super cute and I'm excited about getting one for the baby's room.

*Speaking of baby... I'm officially HALFWAY there!  She's really starting to move around a lot now.  The kids have both been able to see and fell her kicking and moving.  I've only gained around 5-6 pounds so far, but the doctor seems to be ok with that number.  I have a check up next week.

*Today would have been a friend's 32nd birthday.  She passed away 12 years ago and there are not too many days that I don't think of her.

*The school board has decided to take two of the Spring Break days to use as "make up days" for all the school we missed due to snow/ice.  Bummer!  We hadn't really made any plans yet, but if I hadn't been working at the school for the Book Fair, I still wouldn't know about this.  The original dates for their break were April 4th - 8th.  That is only 3 weeks away.  I know several people who have already made plans (and paid for them too) so I'm concerned about the attendance for those two days.  I thought of just keeping my kids home out of principal that the school board should have made this decision sooner, but I'll probably end up sending them anyway.

*So.....  what's been going on with you guys??  =)

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