Why My Best Friend is Da Bomb

Cam LaBelle (Free Spirit Chronicles) is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.  She's been my friend for what seems like forever (back when Kris Kross would make you Jump, Jump!).  Between the two of us we have been through every conceivable issue known to man.

Oh how I love her... let me count the ways!
  1. We think alike.
  2. We like the same stuff...
  3. Except for music and movies, but we'll always have the Sandman.
  4. We have secrets.
  5. She makes me think about serious stuff.  Don't believe me?  Read this.
  6. She is strong.  Not like in a bodybuilder kind of way!  In a 'she has intestinal fortitude' kind of way.
  7. She drinks for me 'cause I'm pregnant. 
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        8.  She is kind.
        9.  She is loving and lovable.
      10.  On my very first trip to Savannah, she took me to Starbucks and
             Bonaventure Cemetery.  Two places that were high on my list,
             and I didn't even have to tell her.
      11.  She's a goofball.
       12.  She is the Carrots to my Peas.
       13.  I could go on and on, but since this in number 13 and we both
              have the world's BEST LUCK ever *sarcasm* I will stop here!

Please make sure that you stop by her blog and visit her.  She's also a great writer and photographer!

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Today's prompt:  Write a post giving your best friend props.

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  1. You like me! You really, really like me!

    I couldn't resist, haha! Yes, you are the cheese to my macaroni and I love you, Shiny.

    Every teenage memory I have, and most that I can't even access anymore, have you in it.

    You've been there for me through it all.. ALL OF IT. And, I thank and love you...a cosmic sister, for sure!