What I Miss... no, not really

Some times I just have no idea what to write about.  I sit down with Muh Precious and then I sit.  It's a flaw in the perks of being a stay at home mom.    I'm sure that I'll have tons of stuff to write about in a few months when I'm deluging you with images of baby doing this and baby doing that, but for now I need a bit of help in the idea department.

Gigi at Kludgymom has a great Idea Bank and now Bloggy Mom has the Blog Dare.  Awesome stuffs for a lazy ass like myself.

Today's prompt:  What I miss/don't miss about high school.

Ahhh.... the joys of high school.  When the biggest decision of your day is what to wear.  Those were the days, right?  I definitely wouldn't say they were the "best days of my life", but it was sure nice to not have to worry about EVERYTHING there is to worry about in life.  Hakuna Matata as a past friend and I used to say.  I miss those friendships too.  The hanging out in the school parking lot before class and after class 'cause no one had anywhere to be.  The homework could wait.  I'm only close with two of my friends from high school now.  I do sometimes reminisce, but growing up, getting wiser, and letting go is just a part of life.

Ahhh... the pain of high school.  One word: DRAMA.  I do not miss the teenage angst drama overload known as high school.  Petty fights over nonsense that, to this day,  I can't remember the actual nonsense that caused the fight to begin with.  I also don't miss homework, getting up early, Mr. Myers science class, Mrs. Myers French class (he was the devil and she was worse), having the football team beaten every single year by our rival, and the very special lunch treat known as "Cougar Surprise".

What do you miss or not miss about your high school days?


  1. High school seems so long ago now. The part I miss of my high school days was being able to sleep in on the weekends for as long as I wanted. The part I don't miss at all is the drama and the cliques.

  2. It does seem like such a long time ago! It's almost hard to say it's been 14 yrs since I graduated. I completely forgot about being able to sleep until 10am or 11am on the weekends. *sigh*

  3. I miss riding to school with you and Chris...

    I miss the carefree lifestyle and freedom.

    I do not miss The Mean Girls. They know who they are...

    Some of them never really moved past it, did they? Sad...

    Highschool was not my glory days, thank God. I can say I've really lived since then!



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