Old Man Winter

Needs to take a vacation from visiting us in Kentucky.  It is snowing.  AGAIN!

I left this morning at 7:30am.  By the time I came back home at 9:30am, our road looked like this.

Day 38 of my Project 365.
It's a bit misleading.  Most of what is on the road is very slushy and not very slick, but if you aren't careful and mindful of what is around you, this could still be dangerous.  I drove the 6.5 miles from town to my house going anywhere between 35-40MPH.  I wasn't taking any chances.  Plus I had to slow down to take that picture.  *cheesy grin*

We've had so much more snow this year than in years past.  Normally we might get two instances of 2 or 3 inch snow falls throughout the entire Winter.  This year all total we've received around 15+ inches!  Of course that isn't all at once (that would shut down the ENTIRE state), but we've had several snow falls of more than 2 inches.  Could this be due to global warming?

I know it sounds like an oxymoron to say is SNOW due to the warming of our planet, but lots of scientists think so.  The floods and storms during the Summer and now all this snow.  This just makes me even more mindful of what I am doing to/for the planet.  Even small things like changing out your lightbulbs can make a big difference.

What are you doing to help Mother Earth?

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